Read it!!!

We know most of our clients simply do not read our report. They simply go through all the photos, and that’s it.

We do not put a lot of rubbish into our report. Read it and regard the report as a maintenance manual for your house. 

Keep it in your computer; review it from time to time. Cost you nothing to store in your email box or hard drive. 

Tell you what, some stuff in the report, I've never went through as well. 


Do not be shy, ask us if any question.

Tell you the truth, we do not like being asked a lot. But we never say NO. We will answer your questions as long as physically can.

So far we have handled all questions being asked. We know that many other inspectors simply do not answer any questions apart from giving client a report. 

You have chosen us to help you to make the final decision: buy or not. We know, by reading the report only, most of buyers cannot make the right decision. 

Some clients even pop in to our place in order to hear further opinions, that is totally fine, as long as we physically can manage. 


Keep it, and show it to buyers in the future when your house is on the market

Many people do that way. We are asked to evaluate reports done by other builders all the time.

But tell you the truth: It is unlikely that someone buying your house will believe a report provided by you.