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I'm a transitional member of NZIBS

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Follow the following link to check if my license is current: 

Licensed Practitioner Board Registry 

Please be sure:

I'm not a Master builder;

I'm not a Certified builder;


Make sure reasonable Access to the following areas availabe during inspection:

Subfloor (foundation) area

Attic (ceiling space)


Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

It is the requirement of the NZS 4306 2005 that Terms and Conditions drafted in accordance with the Standard must be agreed before inspection taking place:

Terms and Conditions

You can agree with the terms and conditions  by filling out the online booking form. 


How high is the roof of the property to be inspected?

Our ladder is 3.85m high which is in compliance with the nzs 4306 (3.6m maximum). As a rule of thumb, we can not visually access if roof perimeter is higher than 3.5m. 

Should you very peticular for the whole roof area to be inspected, the more relevant person to contact may be a qualified roofer or roof maintenance specialist.