Type of inspections available

Type of inspection Price Notes Additional charge for large or monolithic house
Verbal consultation (pre auction) $350+GST 4 bedrooms or less  from $50
Standard house inspection $600+GST 3 bedrooms or less from $100
Small unit or apartment $500+GST


bedrooms or less

from $50 
Weathertightness Visual Assessment Report $800+GST 4 bedrooms or less From $100

Defects investigations

$1000+ Property file to be ordered  

Monolithic Cladding Condition Assessment & Maintenance Report for Owner (non-invasive)

$1000+GST   From $50

* TBD = To be discussed or to be decided

Cases subject to additional charge:

Including but not limited to:

  1.      Containing rumpus or workshop or gaming room,
  2.      Containing illegal alterations/additions
  3.      Containing  sleep-out/studio
  4.      Containing minor dwelling
  5.      Containing subfloor alterations
  6.      Long distance travel
  7.      Urgent callout (less than 10 hours pre-notice)
  8.      Extra onsite consultation (longer than 30 minutes)
  9.      Monolithic wall cladding (solid plaster, texture coated fibre cement, EIFS)
  10.      Compliance documents review based on actural alterations;

Or in any other circumstances as proper for extra charge based on the inspector’s opinion


Payment method:


Type of payments


(last 000 can be 00) 

Cash on site n/a  
Check To: Buildersreport Ltd Post address to be adviced
Online payment 03-0155-0658958-000 referece: See email details

Samples of inspection reports

Standard Inspection
Suitable for pre-purchase inspection
Which is normally handed over to your solicitor, banker, finance agent for relevant purposes.
sample reprot.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB

What do we inspect?

Items to be inspected

Detailed features to be inspected


Retaining walls, exposure, steps, handrails, diveways, fencing, surface water control

Subfloor space

Accessibility, foundation type, foundation walls, ground condition, drainage, ventilation, connections, alterations, framing, bracing, insulation, plumbing, electrical, borer, decay

Exterior - wall

Construction and cladding type, condition, settlements, moisture damages, penetrations, control joints, chimney, stairs, balconies,

Exterior – joinery

Material, glass, sash, operation, hardware, security, flashing, corrosion,

Exterior – roof

Pitch, deterioration, penetrations, flashing, junctions, lapping, fixings, attachments, sealants, sagging, deflections, corrosion, guttering, eaves, fascia and soffits, roof space

Interior – overall

Ceilings, walls, floors, doors and frames, electrical, heating systems,

Interior  - kitchen

Bench top, cabinetry, sink, tiles, rangehood,

Interior – bathroom, laundry

Floor, waste, cistern, bath, waterproofing, shower, ventilation, heating


Fire, heating, vaccum, ventilation system, security system, gas services, rainwater collection system, solar, antenna,