Suitable for:

  • Client who concerned about wall cladding only;
  • Client  who does not care about other aspects but only if the property is a leaky house;
  • Owner of a property who wants to find out if his/her house is a leaky building;
  • Buyer who signed a purchase agreement which is subject to weathertightness and/or structure integrity defects;
  • Owner of a leaky building who wants to discuss options of possible actions;


What included:

  • Onsite inspection focusing on wall and roof cladding only;
  • Target non-invasive moisture testing on interior surfaces;
  • Invasive moisture testing on exterior cladding surface (booking required and for owners only, additional cost apply)
  • Infrared scanning when conditions allow;
  • Free on-site consultation limited to 1 hour only;
  • Written report focusing on E2 and B2 of NZ Building Code (External moisture and durability);
  • Summary of future action options and remediation options;
  • Summary of remediation design options and remediation cost allowances;
  • Recommendation of preferred future actions;


Subsequent services offered:

  • Acting as owner’s agent to apply for FAP;
  • Acting as owner’s agent to claim through WHT;
  • Provide expert opinion in mediation or litigation process;
  • Liaison in remediation design;
  • Acting as independent third party and contract management for subsequent remediation project;