Suitable for:

  • Pre-auction inspection
  • Pre-tender inspection
  • When sales contract is not subject to a builder's report
  • Other situations when written report is not required, e.g. a perfect house with not much to report.

What included in verbal inspection:

  • Standard site visit and visual inspection (1h-1.30h in average) 
  • On-site consultation or verbal reporting (limited to 30 minutes)
  • Telephone consultation or audio record verbal summary when client is not on site during inspection
  • Photo records downloadable online from Picasaweb 
  • Upgradable to a standard written report within 1 month after inspection (prefered in many situations e.g. after winning an auction)

Pros and Corns


  • Cost is minimal
  • Upgradable within a short period of time
  • Cost effective when client requires inspections for set of houses before making final decision



  • No written recorde to proof the builder's opinion in a later stage
  • Verbal report will always have limited information comparing with a full written report
  • Lack of future information support from the inspector due to lack of sufficient record
  • No written reference information for future maintenance purposes