1987 Harditex
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1987 Harditex brochure


  • Unless kiln dried timber is utilised for the floor joists in a two-storey situation, a horizontal control joint will be required. Harditex should not be used in pole house construction where excessive structural movement could be encountered.
  • Vertical and horizontal expansion joints must be provided to limit the monolithic cladding area to 25m2.
  • Vertical expansion joints must be provided at 5400mm max. centres. Independent vertical framing should be provided at joints with a 6mm gap between 
  • Where sheet end joints coincide above and below door or window lines, joints may crack due to structural movement. The suggested method to accommodate this possibility is to provide additional flashing behind the joint. Alternatively fix sheets across door and window openings then cut away waste sheet



1992 Harditex
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1992 Harditex Brochure


  • Vertical structural control joints are to be provided where walls exceed 9600mm in length. These control joints are to be correctly designed structural joints. They must have total framing, including top and bottom plate, lining and cladding separation to allow for the structural framing expansion and contraction that can occur. A well designed long wall will therefore have full control joints at 9600mm centres within intermediate relief joints at 5400mm centres maximum from a control joint. 


1995 Harditex
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1995 Harditex Brochure



1996 Harditex
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1998 June version
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1998 July Harditex
with major change in head flashing details
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